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We, Ovosh at Gurgaon we offer best quality services for our customers who want best when it comes car wash and detailing services. Our interior and exterior cleaning packages will return your car it’s original beautiful state and your car will look and feel showroom new again.

Our Services


(Washing & Cleaning)

Washing & Cleansing is the first detailing step to thoroughly cleanse the car and rid it of any decontaminants stuck to the paint of the car before we can move on to paint correction. In this step we detail the exterior and interior of the vehicle followed by using the clay bar on the body to remove any contaminant particles closely stuck to the surface.


(Compound & Polish)

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections within the paint finish through the means of multiple diminishing abrasive getting finer and finer until the level of desired finish is achieved. A variety of different types of machines, pads, compounds and polishes are chosen to best suit the vehicle’s degree of imperfections.


(Wax, Ceramic & PPF)

To maintain the finish of the paint and preserve the car to keep looking it’s best. There are a lot of methods to protect the paint surface like ceramic coating, graphene coating, or using a paint protection film. Depending upon the paint type, the car type and budget, there are a lot of options suitable for all types of cars from standard to luxury.

Our Customers Love Us

Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh
Very attentive and helpful!!!! My car looks brand new thanks to their assistance!!!! Extremely grateful!!!!!
Vikalp Dutt
Vikalp Dutt
Always the best work with complete proficiency in detailing and full honesty in delivery. I would recommend OVOSH if you really love your car.
Nitish Bhardwaj
Nitish Bhardwaj
Best Paint Protection Film(PPF)available here
Kunjal PATEL
Kunjal PATEL
O’Vosh team have been very professional throughout and explained everything in detail about the service related to my car. I am very much particular about my car and it is like ZERO tolerance for services related to my car! and Team O'Vosh actually taken care it very professionally. Umesh & Rohit have taken entire work related to my car personally and they made my car shining like a Diamond! The car looks like it was just driven out of the showroom, and you will be hard pressed to tell that it's a 8 year old car. I also selected to paint my alloy wheels and they have done it so nicely. It really changed entire look of my car. Umesh & Rohit (owner of studio) – both discussed with me on what can be done, and what cannot be done at the start itself. This was very helpful. I was informed about progress of work related to my car and got delivery of my car as per committed timeline. This professionalism has given me reason to visit them again and again. Their skilled workers worked so discreetly and professionally on my car, which reassured me. Brilliant exterior detailing! They got rid of the swirls, and did a stellar job with the colour restoration! Absolutely amazing work done and I am very much satisfied with their work & services. I will upload some pics & video and let pics do the talking!!


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