Paint Protection Treatment


At OVOSH 3S Detailing, we offer a wide range of protection options best suited for your vehicle type.

10H Ceramic Coating

Advanced coatings derived with nano-technology that help prevent environmental damages on your car’s precious paint. These coatings form a 9H or 10H hard crystallised layer on top of your vehicle’s clear coat and provide resistance against light scratches, chemical / acids and also protects the paint against harmful UV rays. You will also experience hydrophobic properties with the application of these coatings, which would avoid water markings to a great extent. These coatings are available with 1 2 3 and 5 year application warranty plans. Choose from a range of Body, Wheel, Glasses and Plastic trim coatings here at OVOSH 3S Detailing.


Protect your car’s paintwork with our Cobra Shield premium Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a self healing polyurethane applied to the painted surfaces of your car in order to protect it from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.
This virtually invisible film is an investment to protect your car from unnecessary damage and retain its value. Our Cobra Shield PPF film includes a 5-10 year warranty against yellowing and cracking to give you peace of mind in this Extreme Hot & Cold climate.

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Your car is a reflection of your personality and ultimately gives you a confidence boost when it keeps looking its best self.

Looking at your car everyday and feeling it just came out of the showroom is the feeling we chase and we have taken the time to device our SOPs to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

Our Core Values

We treat each vehicle with love as if it’s our own cherished car which has left all of our customers cherishing our services.