Exterior Detailing

Paint Correction

As the years go by, the natural surface of the car accumulates a lot of imperfections, swirls marks and minor scratches during regular wear & tear, washing and environmental exposure.

The paint defects can be removed by polishing the paint surface using right compounds and pads on a DualAction

(DA) polishing machine or a rotary polisher.

We use Rupes compounds, polishes and pads which are manufactured in Italy to correct the paint surface. We use DA course High performance cut with DA course wool pad to remove orange peel and deep scratches. To remove Severe scratches, swirls we use DA Fine high performance fine polish along with DA fine high Performance fine polishing foam pad on a DA polisher which will bring mirror finish for the paint surface.

Unlike our competitions, the excellent combination of our compounds and pads enable us to use two-step correction in most of the situations and save a lots of clear coat on our customers cars.

Minor Correction

Recommended for vehicles with light swirl marks and minor scratches

Major Correction

Recommended for vehicles with heavy swirls marks and deep scratches

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Your car is a reflection of your personality and ultimately gives you a confidence boost when it keeps looking its best self.

Looking at your car everyday and feeling it just came out of the showroom is the feeling we chase and we have taken the time to device our SOPs to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

Our Core Values

We treat each vehicle with love as if it’s our own cherished car which has left all of our customers cherishing our services.