Who We Are?

Our Mission

We love cars, especially the ones that are well maintained and feel great. Founded by enthusiasts, we have the mission to make sure every car is loved by their owners and maintains it’s paint finish, shine and feel great overall. 

At OVOSH 3S Detailing, we have a simple 3 stage protocol to decontaminate, restore and preserve the paint quality and finish on your car which makes it feel showroom new. We pour our heart out to take care of your vehicle and provide out customers with the outstanding services with high quality materials with a quick, convenient and simple to understand package that suits all vehicle types. 

When you come in for a consult, we carefully inspect your vehicle’s paint surface for any abrasions, imperfections and wear and tear before we recommend a package best suited for you. We take time to understand your lifestyle which we take into consideration before recommending a paint correction and paint protection plan for you so that the maintenance and upkeep is easily manageable and goes a long way for you. 

Post a lot of research, development and analysis we have brought together the perfect combination of products that we use and recommend to make sure that your car keeps looking showroom new. 


Your car is a reflection of your personality and ultimately gives you a confidence boost when it keeps looking its best self.

Looking at your car everyday and feeling it just came out of the showroom is the feeling we chase and we have taken the time to device our SOPs to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

Our Core Values

We treat each vehicle with love as if it’s our own cherished car which has left all of our customers cherishing our services.