Our 3 Step Detailing Process

The 3 step detailing process includes Decontamination (Wash & Clean), Restoration (Compound & Polish) & Protection (Waxes, Nano Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Films)

Step 1


(Washing & Cleaning)

Washing & Cleansing is the first detailing step to thoroughly cleanse the car and rid it of any decontaminants stuck to the paint of the car before we can move on to paint correction. In this step we detail the exterior and interior of the vehicle followed by using the clay bar on the body to remove any contaminant particles closely stuck to the surface.

Step 2


(Compound & Polish)

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections within the paint finish through the means of multiple diminishing abrasive getting finer and finer until the level of desired finish is achieved. A variety of different types of machines, pads, compounds and polishes are chosen to best suit the vehicle’s degree of imperfections.

Step 3


(Wax, Ceramic, PPF)

To maintain the finish of the paint and preserve the car to keep looking it’s best. There are a lot of methods to protect the paint surface like ceramic coating, graphene coating, or using a paint protection film. Depending upon the paint type, the car type and budget, there are a lot of options suitable for all types of cars from standard to luxury.

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Your car is a reflection of your personality and ultimately gives you a confidence boost when it keeps looking its best self.

Looking at your car everyday and feeling it just came out of the showroom is the feeling we chase and we have taken the time to device our SOPs to make sure all our customers are satisfied.

Our Core Values

We treat each vehicle with love as if it’s our own cherished car which has left all of our customers cherishing our services.